Why We Rebranded and Changed Our Domain to Martech.zone

The term blog is an interesting one. Years ago, when I wrote Corporate Blogging for Dummies, I loved the term blog because it denoted a sense of personality and transparency. Companies no longer had to totally depend on pitching the news to reveal their culture, news, or advancements. They could broadcast those out via their corporate blog and build a community via social media that echoed their brand. Over time, they could build audience, community,

The 9-Step Guide to Create an Optimized Blog for Search

Even though we wrote Corporate Blogging For Dummies about 5 years ago, very little has changed in the overall strategy of content marketing via your corporate blog. According to research, once you write more than 24 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%! This infographic from Create the Bridge walks through some best practices for optimizing your blog for search. I’m not sold that it’s the ultimate guide… but it’s pretty good.

Corporate Blogging in South Africa

This week was pretty amazing. Chantelle and I attended our first official book signing with the fantastic folks from Wiley at Blog Indiana. It was quite a rush watching folks pick up the book! I got to spend the day celebrating with so many of the people that have supported, challenged and befriended me over the years – too many to list! I’m so thankful! Then – the day even got better when I received

Corporate Blogging for Dummies is Here!

We could not be more excited! This week, the first copies of Corporate Blogging for Dummies were shipped to us. I can’t tell you the feeling of pride in opening the box and seeing our names in print on the front cover. Corporate Blogging for Dummies is over 400 pages of incredible information – not a stone was left unturned in our desire to write the best blogging book for corporations on the market. The

Corporate Blogging for Dummies: An Interview with Chantelle Flannery

This is the second video, with Chantelle Flannery, in our author videos produced for the release of Corporate Blogging for Dummies. Earlier today, we published the first video, with Douglas Karr. Our goals of the videos and their incorporation to the Corporate Blogging Tips site were to: Promote the release of the book, Corporate Blogging For Dummies. Promote the site and corporate blogging on Twitter and Facebook. Promote Chantelle and I speaking and educating companies