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  • Content MarketingHow to get team participation in your corporate blogging strategy

    How to Include Your Team in Your Business Blogging Strategy

    One of the most common recommendations out there for organizations trying to create a steady stream of content is to look inward for contributions. After all, who knows your business better than the people who work at it every single day? And what could be more cost-effective than having the people you’re already paying transform into your own personal content…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow to Write A Marketing Plan

    How To Write Your Marketing Plan for 2024

    In preparing for the new year, companies should consider coordinating and planning various marketing plans to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals effectively. Each type of marketing plan has its unique focus and strategies. Marketing Plan Research To prepare for writing a marketing plan, incorporating the Agile Marketing Journey is essential. This journey consists of five stages:…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingInbound vs outbound B2B Marketing guide

    Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing in B2B: How to Make the Best Out of Both

    Why do so many B2B companies kick off with outbound marketing? The answer’s pretty straightforward: quick results without blowing the budget. However, as businesses evolve, mixing in some inbound tactics seems to be the secret sauce for steady growth. In the ever-evolving world of B2B, I’ve found that it’s not about choosing between inbound and outbound. It’s about merging the…

  • Artificial IntelligenceTextBuilder - Find Ideas and Generate and Publish Content at Scale With This AI Writer

    TextBuilder: Use GPT and AI To Find Ideas, Write, and Publish Your Content At Scale

    Consumers and businesses research online to get assistance with problems or to find resources to assist them in solving their problems. Building a comprehensive content library is the lifeblood that fuels being found as that resource. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, copywriters, ad experts, and startup founders need constant high-quality content to maintain their online presence. However, the demand for content often…

  • Search MarketingProduct-Led Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

    Why Product-Led SEO Is So Valuable for Business Growth

    Creative use of search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for business success. That’s not debatable in 2023. What is up for discussion is the methodology brands use to maximize the results of their SEO efforts fully. For the better part of two decades, marketers have preferred to let keywords guide content, drive traffic, and capture leads from organic search. That…

  • Content MarketingIs Blogging Still Relevant?

    Is Blogging Still Relevant? Or An Outdated Technology and Strategy?

    I often review this site’s search performance and old articles that aren’t attracting traffic. One of my articles was about naming your blog. Let’s forget that I’ve been writing this publication that long… as I read the old post I wondered if the term blog even really mattered anymore. After all, it’d been 16 years since I’d written the post…

  • Content MarketingCorporate Blogging 2017

    What’s Changed About Corporate Blogging Over The Years?

    If you’ve been following me over the last decade, you know that I wrote Corporate Blogging for Dummies back in 2010. While the landscape of digital media has had immense changes over the last 7 years, I’m honestly not sure there’s been too many changes when it comes to the book and companies developing a corporate blogging strategy. Businesses and…

  • Marketing InfographicsInbound Marketing Checklist: Strategies Infographic

    The Inbound Marketing Checklist: 21 Strategies for Growth

    As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests to publish infographics on Martech Zone. It’s why we share infographics every week. We also ignore requests when we find infographics that simply show that the company hasn’t made a great investment to build out an infographic of value. When I clicked through on this infographic from Brian Downard, Co-Founder…

  • Content Marketingyour content

    Here’s Why People Hate Your Content

    The web is undeniably a key resource of information for all audiences and it’s important to ensure it’s both effective and impactful in order for people and businesses to strive. The digital revolution is demanding. Websites need to be unique, relevant and fresh and content immediately needs to engage the reader. Content needs to be sharp, it needs to be…

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