Why You Need to Upgrade Your Card Swipe to EMV

While at IRCE, I got to sit down with Intuit’s SVP of Payments and Commerce Solutions, Eric Dunn. It was an eye-opening look into Intuit’s growth in the retail and ecommerce market. In fact, many people don’t realize but more money flows through Intuit than PayPal when it comes to online commerce (if you include their payroll services). Intuit is continuing to strive to be an end-to-end solution for any ecommerce or retail business where

Credit Card Processing and Mobile Checkouts Explained

Mobile payments are becoming commonplace and a solid strategy for closing business faster and making payment processes easier on the customer. Whether you’re a ecommerce provider with a full shopping cart, a merchant with mobile checkout (our example here), or even a service provider (we use FreshBooks for invoicing with payments enabled), mobile payments are a great strategy to bridge the gap between the purchase decision and the actual conversion. When we first signed up,

Smartcards Rolling Out Over the Next Few Years

Wow… when you think about all the dedicated and dependent hardware for traditional magnetic striped credit cards, that’s a ton of equipment and expense out there to replace. Over the next few years, though, that’s exactly what’s going to happen! Traditional credit cards are on their way out. It took the hacking of 70 million Target credit cards during the 2013 holiday season to spur Congress into abandoning the highly unsecure magnetic-stripe cards used by

Turn Credit Card Processing into Payment Marketing

Swipely offers companies a payment marketing platform. In essence, payment marketing is the art of looking for trends from the data hidden amidst the company’s transactions. With customer loyalty at an all-time low, it does make it easier to find hidden ways to connect with them using their payment data. Enterprises switching over to Swipely’s platform can continue to process payments as usual, while Swipely’s engine mines the data that comes along with such transactions

Hold Companies Accountable

I could share some great horror stories with you on my history with banks and credit cards. Some of it has admittedly been my fault but most of it is the ridiculous actions of banks. I wonder how these guys sleep at night… massive profits, bailouts, executive bonuses and ridiculous overage fees haven’t even budged them to improve their systems. Here’s a great example… my business credit card has been turned off twice while traveling.