Brook Daily: Find the Best Tweets of Interest

While I follow a lot of accounts on Twitter, I don’t actually follow the accounts. Twitter is a stream that I’d have to stare at all day if I wanted to capture all of the information I wanted from it. While I love Twitter and it’s an incredible resource, finding tools that allow you to curate the content is really helpful. Brook allows you to create categories and then follow Twitter accounts within those categories.

Meltwater Buzz Updates: Curation, Value and Authority

People often ask me how in the world we’re able to find and write about so many marketing technologies out there. It is true that we get pitched quite a bit by public relations professionals, but Martech Zone isn’t a news site – we’re a site to help marketers find technology they can leverage. Many of the tools we share have been around for a while – but they share a methodology or feature that

Curata: Curate Relevant Content for your Business.

Curata is content curation software, assisting you to easily find, organize and share relevant content for your business. Content curation is the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic. Curation helps you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content, and who can spread the word. via Neicole Crepeau on Convince and Convert Find – Curata continuously scours the

Feeding the Content Beast with Rallyverse

Companies with great content strategies aren’t limiting the value of their program to content that they alone write. There’s a massive quantity of content hitting the web every single second… some good, some bad. The ability to tap into that firehose, pull out the gems, and share it with your audience is a huge advantage over your competitors. If you become the primary source of information for your prospects and customers, they need not look

MyCurator: Content Curation for WordPress

Content curation is becoming recognized as a key tool to provide fresh content for your blog, boost traffic and engage and retain your community. By curating content, you can filter, evaluate and analyze content published out on the web and leverage it for your own audience. We curate content daily on Martech – finding you the most relevant information that can provide results for your marketing efforts. MyCurator is a complete content curation platform with

Mass Relevance: Tools to Leverage Content Curation

Some of you may be asking what content curation is. There’s a ridiculous volume of content being published on the web via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news, Youtube and other mediums. Chances are that some of that content is valuable to your audience – but it requires some analysis, filtering and presentation in a manner that is helpful. On Martech Zone, we curate a lot of content. One example is infographics. While we find a ton

Hearsay Content Exchange: Curation and Syndication

On a daily basis, our team is reviewing hundreds of sources of marketing data and sharing that data through our marketing and client channels. We utilize alerts, social monitoring and readers to find and review content – and then push that content to our audiences and customers using tools likeHootsuite and Buffer to share that data. It’s not enough for us simply to share our own content… I think that’s a strategy that holds many