Indicative: Customer Analytics With Actionable Insights

Big data is no longer a novelty in the business world. Most companies think of themselves as data-driven; technology leaders set up data collection infrastructure, analysts sift through the data, and marketers and product managers try to learn from the data. Despite collecting and processing more data than ever, companies are missing valuable insights about their products and their customers because they aren’t using the proper tools to follow users across the entire customer journey

Leger Metrics: Voice of Customer (VoC) Actionable Reporting

Leger Metrics offers a platform to assist your company in a better understanding of how your customer experience drives satisfaction, loyalty and profits across your company. The Voice of Customer (VoC) platform provides you with the tools necessary to capture customer feedback with the following features: Customer Feedback – Invite customer feedback and collect it through mobile, web, SMS, and phone. Reporting and Analytics – Deliver insights to the right people, at the right time

Woopra: Real-time, Actionable Customer Analytics

Woopra is an analytics platform that focuses on your prospects and customers, not pageviews. It’s a highly customizeable analytics platform that focuses on customer interaction with your site – not simply the paths they’re taking. The insight provided can allow you to use real-time data to drive real-time actions. Some of Woopra’s unique platform features: Customer Profiles – Identify your customers by email and add their names to their profiles. Integrate customer data directly into

Enterprise Customer Analytics, Social Analytics and Response

In today’s social world, piecing together what the customer really says is of paramount importance for brands. Attensity could be a useful tool in this context. Attensity’s text analytics tool extracts facts, relationships, and sentiments from the labyrinth of responses received in relation to, say a promotional campaign, a tweet, a Facebook update, a blog post, survey responses – well, you get the drift! The Attensity extraction engine applies natural time tested linguistic principles and