The Terrible 2014 CMO Guide to the Social Landscape

Yesterday, I had this post completed and was just about to click publish when I knocked a beer over on my laptop. I hope it wasn’t karma coming to kick my butt. The laptop survived, but somehow the blog post disappeared. I’m writing this post with the faint smell of beer in the background to remind me to keep my snarkiness down. Here’s the thing, I think this is a terrible infographic. Visually, it lacks

CMO launches an Interactive Guide to the Social Landscape has launched a very detailed interactive guide to the social landscape for 2012. The guide walks through each social platform, from bookmarking to networking, and details how the medium assists with customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site and search engine optimization. Below is a hardcopy of the guide – but the site is much better – allowing you to sort and interact easily.