InMoment Study Reveals 6 Unexpected Keys to Personalization

Marketers associate personalized experiences with well-targeted advertising while consumers associate their customer experience (CX) with support and purchases. In fact, or purchase process personalization. The gap has been identified and fully documented in a new international study from InMoment, The Power of Emotion and Personalization: How Brands Can Understand and Meet Consumer Expectations. In every country surveyed, brands and consumers did not align when asked about personalization. The findings point to both the problem and

The Impact of Custom Packaging on Your Ecommerce Sales?

One of the first packages that I ever opened that was special was the first MacBookPro that I purchased. It felt like an unveiling as I opened the suitcase style box with the laptop and accessories beautifully fitted within. It was a major investment, and you could see the care Apple took to make sure that I knew it was special as I opened the box. A colleague of mine works in the beauty supply