The 4 Steps To Implement Or Cleanup CRM Data To Maximize Your Sales Performance

Companies that wish to improve their sales performance typically invest in an implementation strategy of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We’ve discussed why companies implement a CRM, and companies often take the step… but the transformations often fail for a few reasons: Data – At times, companies simply opt for a data dump of their accounts and contacts into a CRM platform and the data isn’t clean. If they’ve already got a CRM implemented,

Postaga: An Intelligent Outreach Campaign Platform Powered By AI

If your company is doing outreach, there’s no doubt that email is a critical medium to get it done. Whether it’s pitching an influencer or publication on a story, a podcaster for an interview, sales outreach, or attempting to write valued content for a site in order to attain a backlink. The process for outreach campaigns is: Identify your opportunities and find the right people to contact. Develop your pitch and cadence to make your

Vendasta: Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency With This End-To-End White-Label Platform

Whether you’re a startup agency or a mature digital agency, scaling your agency can be quite the challenge. There are really only a few ways to scale a digital agency: Acquire New Customers – You have to invest in sales and marketing to reach new prospects, as well as hire the talent necessary to fulfill those engagements. Offer New Products and Services – You need to expand your offerings to attract new customers or increase

After the Deal: How to Treat Customers with a Customer Success Approach

You’re a salesperson, you do sales. You are sales.  And that’s just it, you think your job’s done and you move on to the next one. Some salespeople don’t know when to stop selling and when to start managing the sales they’ve already made. The truth is, post-sale customer relationships are just as important as presale relationships. There are several practices your business can master to better its post-sale customer relationships.  Together, these practices are

What Is A CRM? What Are The Benefits Of Using One?

I’ve seen some great CRM implementations in my career… and some absolutely terrible ones. Like any technology, ensuring that your team is less time working on it and more time providing value with it is the key to a great CRM implementation. I’ve seen poorly implemented CRM systems that froze sales teams… and unused CRMs that duplicated efforts and confused staff. What is a CRM? While we all call the software that stores customer information