Calculator: Predict How Your Online Reviews Will Impact Sales

This calculator provides a predicted increase or decrease in sales based on the number of positive reviews, negative reviews, and resolved reviews that your company has online. If you’re reading this via RSS or email, click through to the site to use the tool: For information on how the formula was developed, read below: Formula for Predicted Increased Sales from Online Reviews Trustpilot is a B2B online review platform for capturing and sharing public reviews

5 Hints on How to Leverage Social Media Customer Reviews

The marketplace’s a tough experience, not just for the big brands but also for the average. Whether you own a huge business, a small local store, or an internet platform, your chances of climbing the niche ladder are slim unless you take good care of your customers. When you are preoccupied with your prospects’ and customers’ happiness, they’ll quickly answer back. They’ll offer you great benefits which are mostly comprised of trust, customer reviews, and

OneLocal: A Suite of Marketing Tools for Local Businesses

OneLocal is a suite of marketing tools designed for local businesses to get more customer walk-ins, referrals, and – ultimately – to grow revenue. The platform is focused on any type of regional service company, spanning the automotive, health, wellness, home services, insurance, real estate, salon, spa, or retail industries. OneLocal provides a suite to attract, retain, and promote your small business, with tools for every part of the customer journey. OneLocal’s cloud-based tools help

Should You Invest in Online Review Monitoring to Manage Your Reputation?

Amazon, Angie’s List, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google My Business, Yahoo! Local Listings, Choice, G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, TestFreaks, Which?, Salesforce AppExchange, Glassdoor, Facebook Ratings & Reviews, Twitter, and even your own website are all places to capture and publish reviews. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company… chances are that there’s someone writing about you online. And those online reviews are having an impact. What is Reputation Management? Reputation management is the process of monitoring and

The Joy of Clicking

Ecommerce is a science – but it’s not a mystery. The best online retailers have cleared a path for the rest of us by implementing thousands of testing strategies and providing reams of data for others to see and learn from. Today, nearly one-third of the total Internet population shops online. For retailers, this number proves the growing power of online sales. To attract these connected consumers, retailers must make purchasing on their website pleasant,

Service Industry Marketing Must Include Angie’s List

Word of mouth plays a big role in creating a positive brand image and prompting prospects to make that final leap into making a purchase or patronizing a service. The web has a plethora of review sites… most of which are open to anonymous users that have become problematic due to trolling competitors and false reviews. These sites are overrun by competitors hoping to damage your reputation. Businesses are surprised to find out how different our

Leverage Customer Ratings with Pluck Reviews

Online buyers prefer to do business with merchants they trust, and improving brand reputation needs to be the prime focus of any corporate communication initiative. Customer reviews are a common and time-tested method for building a brand’s credibility.  These reviews have to reflect the true and honest experience of a customer who has purchased and tried the product or service. But the million-dollar question is how to get the prospect to believe that the reviewer

Consumers Do Not Buy Perfection Anymore

One of the most wonderful transformations that I believe social media has brought about is the destruction of the perfect brand. No longer do consumers expect perfection… but we do expect honesty, customer service, and fulfillment of any promises a company set expectations for. In a client luncheon last week at Bitwise Solutions, President and CEO Ron Brumbarger told his clients that Bitwise will make mistakes… but that they would always do their best to