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  • Marketing BooksBuilding a Story Brand

    Building a Storybrand: The 7 Prospect Desires Your Business Depends On

    Aproximately a month ago, I got to participate in a marketing ideation meeting for a client. It was fantastic, working with a consultancy known for developing roadmaps for high tech companies. As the roadmaps were developed, I was impressed with the unique and differentiated paths the team came up with. However, I was also a determined to keep the team…

  • Content Marketingman off

    You’re Not Sexy, Now What?

    We once had someone tell us that we, or rather our form building application, wasn’t “sexy”. In some respects I guess that person was right. Forms, by themselves are not sexy, but to the people who use them and depend on them to gather data, they are, if not sexy, pretty damn important. So how do you, a business owner,…

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