Calculator: Calculate Your Survey’s Minimum Sample Size

Developing a survey and ensuring you have a valid response that you can base your business decisions on requires quite a bit of expertise. First, you have to ensure that your questions are asked in a manner that doesn’t bias the response. Second, you have to ensure that you survey enough people to get a statistically valid result. You don’t need to ask every person, this would be labor-intensive and quite expensive. Market research companies

iPerceptions: The Voice of Customer Platform

Voice of Customer (VoC) is collective insight into customer needs, wants, perceptions, and preferences gained through direct and indirect questioning. While traditional web analytics tells us what the visitor is doing on your site, VoC analysis answers WHY customers take the actions they do online. iPerceptions is an active research platform that utilizes intercept technologies on multiple touch points, including desktop, mobile and tablet. iPerceptions assists companies to design, collect, integrate and analyze their VoC

GM: You’re Doing Surveys Wrong

After driving my car a decade, I made the decision to go big or go home. Influenced by my Grandfather’s love of his Cadillac and remembering the weekend rides where he took us out… I bought my first Cadillac earlier in the year. The dealership I purchased from is amazing… down to Earth folks from the receptionist, to the salesperson, to the service people. Every time I make an appointment for an oil change (off

Customer Survey Burnout

Surveys are a critical method for capturing key information on your prospects and customers, but they can also be a tool that’s misused and provides data that drives your business in the wrong direction. As a simple example, if I were a business and asked how I could improve my website, I’m already setting an expectation with the person taking the survey that there is something that must be done to improve the website… when

Sometimes You Can’t Prepare Enough

Click through for the video. Ouch. My good friend, Jason, from The Bean Cup sent this.