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    Calculator: Calculate Your Survey’s Minimum Sample Size

    Survey Minimum Sample Size Calculator Survey Minimum Sample Size Calculator Fill in all of your settings. When you submit the form, your minimum sample size will be displayed. What Is The Total Population Size? * What Confidence Level Are You Seeking? * 80%85%90%95% (Industry Standard)99% What Margin of Error Do You Wish To Have? * % Send These Results To…

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    GM: You’re Doing Surveys Wrong

    After driving my car a decade, I made the decision to go big or go home. Influenced by my Grandfather’s love of his Cadillac and remembering the weekend rides where he took us out… I bought my first Cadillac earlier in the year. The dealership I purchased from is amazing… down to Earth folks from the receptionist, to the salesperson,…

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    Customer Survey Burnout

    Surveys are a critical method for capturing key information on your prospects and customers, but they can also be a tool that’s misused and provides data that drives your business in the wrong direction. As a simple example, if I were a business and asked how I could improve my website, I’m already setting an expectation with the person taking…

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    The One Question You Need to Ask on Your Next Survey

    My good friend Chris Baggott has a great post today about surveys. I am in total agreement with Chris. Please don’t ask me my advice if you’re not going to do anything with the information. Anyone who knows me recognizes that I love providing my opinion… sometimes to a fault. My friends absolutely know that they can trust me. There…


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