InMoment Study Reveals 6 Unexpected Keys to Personalization

Marketers associate personalized experiences with well-targeted advertising while consumers associate their customer experience (CX) with support and purchases. In fact, 45% of consumers prioritize having a personalized experience for support interactions over those dealing with marketing or purchase process personalization. The gap has been identified and fully documented in a new international study from InMoment, The Power of Emotion and Personalization: How Brands Can Understand and Meet Consumer Expectations. In every country surveyed, brands and

Deploy, Sell, and Communicate with Formstack Launch Pad

One of the cool things about being a marketing agency and running Martech Zone is that we actually get to use the tools of our clients with our own sites and our own clients’ sites. Formstack have been friends since their inception… actually before their inception. I had the pleasure of working with one of the founders a decade ago and loved seeing him jump ship from traditional media and startup Formstack. Formstack has now

Hitch and Marketing

If you’ve never had the opportunity to, watch the movie Hitch. The movie is a couple years old, but still a fantastic metaphor for marketing. In the movie, Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), educates guys without a chance to find the girl of their dreams. The advice he gives is to try to reduce your glowing faults, pay attention to your date, and do your homework. The most memorable scene is a speed-dating scene where an