Time for a Springtime Tune-Up of Your Marketing Strategy

Every once in a while, it’s important to review your marketing strategy. Consumer behaviors change over time, your competitor’s strategies change over time, and digital marketing platforms change over time. Spring is here, and now’s the perfect time for brands to freshen up their digital marketing efforts. So, how do marketers eliminate the clutter from their marketing strategy? In MDG’s new infographic, readers will learn which old and tired digital tactics to throw out this

Talend Data Preparation: Easily Access, Cleanse and Prepare Your CRM Data

You just returned from a week in Vegas staffing another industry tradeshow. You’re exhausted, completely backlogged on email and other projects, and you have boatloads of new leads that need to be validated and entered into your CRM system. Staring at that gigantic excel spreadsheet of names, you know it’s going to take you all day to process the contact data. Manually entering and cleansing your data is like watching paint dry—mind-numbingly boring and an

Water Torture – An Analytics Analogy Goes a Bridge Too Far

Data, like water, comes in many forms. The human mind has evolved to filter out most of the data that comes our way because there’s simply so much of it. When you open your eyes and ears, data is everywhere. The color of the wall, the sound of the air conditioning and the smell of your neighbor’s coffee are treated like humidity. The water is in the air all the time but it’s not useful

I Wish Marketers Would Stop Saying This…

Jenn and I visited the headquarters of Genesys this week and got to sit down their their digital marketing team and one of the questions that popped up was if we ever put an infographic behind a registration. We quickly answered that we had never done that before. The Interactive team said they’d done a test with both a whitepaper and infographic and 0% registered and downloaded the whitepaper and 100% registered to view the

Data Cleanliness

I wrote a colleague today reinforcing how important Data Cleanliness is in your CRM efforts. Says I, “Data Cleanliness is next to Data Godliness” Says She, “Then I will be in Data Heaven” Chuckle!