Why Team Communication Is More Important Than Your Martech Stack

Simo Ahava’s atypical viewpoint on data quality and communication structures freshened up the whole lounge at the Go Analytics! conference. OWOX, the MarTech leader in the CIS region, welcomed thousands of experts to this gathering to share their knowledge and ideas. OWOX BI Team would like you to think over the concept proposed by Simo Ahava, which definitely has potential to make your business grow.  The Quality of Data and Quality of the Organization The

Silk: Turn Data and Spreadsheets into Published Visualizations

Have you ever had a spreadsheet that had a fantastic collection of data and you just wanted to visualize it – but testing and customizing the built-in charts within Excel was too difficult and time-consuming? What if you wanted to add data, manage it, upload it and even share those visualizations? You can with Silk. Silk is a data publishing platform. Silks contain data on a specific topic. Anyone can browse a Silk to explore

Video: The Art of Data Visualization

As we work with data and big data sets and customers, we find that data becomes very dangerous when misrepresented or misinterpreted. Marketers sometimes take advantage of this to twist the interpretation to the benefit of the client. This is unfortunate as it can lead to missed expectations. Looking at data can be deceiving, but visualization data can be very telling. When we’re working with infographics, the order of the visualization needs to be from

BuzzRadar: Social Command Centers and Event Visualization

We’ve written about the incredible changes in visual displays that are being experienced in sports venues with Postano (who built our mobile application). This is a growing segment of technology. In my opinion, I believe most companies will have their own visualization boards and command centers, though they may not be as spectacular as Buzz Radar‘s for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show: Currently in Beta, Buzz Radar is headquartered in London and provides the