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  • Advertising Technologywhat is the best time to run facebook ads

    What is the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads?

    Facebook advertising has become an indispensable tool for businesses and marketers seeking to reach a large online audience. However, simply creating an appealing Facebook ad does not guarantee its success. The timing of the ads is a precious factor that is frequently overlooked. Understanding the best time to run Facebook ads can significantly impact campaign performance and success. In this…

  • Content Marketing
    email outreach

    Best Practices for Email Outreach to Influencers

    Since we’re pitched by public relations professionals on a daily basis, we get to see the best and worst of email outreach pitches. We’ve shared before how to write an effective pitch and this infographic is a great follow-up that encompasses the greater progress. The fact is that companies need to build awareness and authority for their brand online. Writing…

  • Content Marketingb2b ad planner

    Got a Case of the Mondays… with Ads?

    There aren’t too many businesses I work for where I see common traits across a market segment, but as I think of my own workweek and how I respond to advertising, I must admit that this research that Bizo did may be onto something. Bizo released this infographic yesterday, titled An Advertiser’s Weekly Planner showing the day business professionals, in…

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