E-commerce Product Reviews: 7 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Essential for Your Brand

One may have noticed how it is becoming more and more common for businesses, especially for those in the e-commerce sector, to include reviews on their websites. This is not a case of a fad, but a development that has proven to be highly effective in earning the trust of customers. For e-commerce businesses, it is vital to winning the trust of customers, especially first-time ones, as there is no way for them to see the

Your Content Stinks Because It’s Missing These Elements

Industry report after report continues to purport the fact that hyper-relevance and personalization are absolute keys to increasing conversion rates. So why then do content marketers continue to write general drivel that is just like everyone else’s drivel? Last night I did a presentation at a local Sparks event and I called it: Your Content Sucks. Exactly Like You Wanted It To. My point with the presentation wasn’t to insult people’s ability to write content;

The Surprising Science Behind Influence and Persuasion

I’ve been vocal about my disdain on the latest panacea of how influence marketing is being sold online. While I believe influencers have great reach and some influence, I don’t believe that they have the power of persuasion independent of other factors. Influence marketing still requires a strategy beyond throwing some tickets at an influencer or getting a retweet. According to Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence: Science and Practice (5th Edition), I may