ATTN: Social Media Application Developers

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. My blog. My company. Aside from those, I have a Google account. I have a gravatar account. I have a WordPress account. I have a Yahoo! account. I’m on Flickr. Delicious. Technorati. Ning. Before that there was MySpace. And AOL. Back in the day, I even had a Prodigy account. So here’s my question, since I’m absolutely everywhere online, when you develop your software why in the world are you asking me

What are You Found For In Search Engines?

There’s really been a convergence happening in the online marketing industry for quite some time now, but it’s surely getting more critical of recent. Web sites need to be designed well… but ultimately must be found to generate content. That means that web site design and search engine optimization need to packaged together for a site to succeed. Social media, especially Twitter, are beginning to steal market share and attention from older social bookmarking sites