The Dirty Secret of Email Marketing and Internet Service Providers

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s a dirty secret in the Email Industry. It’s the elephant in the room that no one talks about. No one can talk about it for fear of retribution by the very people who are supposed to be policing our Inbox. SPAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERMISSION That’s right. You heard it right here. I’ll repeat it… SPAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERMISSION One more time… SPAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERMISSION

Whitelisting with Yahoo!

Reading Time: 2 minutes This morning I located a bulk email application form for Yahoo! It doesn’t appear as robust as the program that the AOL postmasters have put up for applying to their Whitelist but I’m glad to finally find one! Some recommendations before you apply: Be sure you have reverse DNS lookup enabled on the IP Address you’re sending from. Let Yahoo! know the IP Address that you’ll be sending from in the submission form (in the

Email Marketing Formulas and Key Indicators

Reading Time: 4 minutes New and experienced email marketers should understand the key metrics to analyzing their subscribers and campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of the key Email Marketing metrics as well as how to calculate them.