HTML Email + Alt Tags = More Bagels Sold

Tonight I received an email from Panera Bread. Like so many email programs nowadays, my email application automatically blocks images. As a result, here’s what the email looked like: Not too compelling… especially for a beautiful email that actually looked like this: I can’t imagine how many people deleted the email without reading it because… there was nothing to read if you didn’t download the images. This is a real problem with HTML emails… but

Does Technology Enable or Disable Your Marketing?

Having worked in Software as a Service over the last decade, much of its popularity comes from a company not having to work through its IT department. “As long as you don’t have to talk to our IT guys!“, is a mantra that I hear often, “They’re busy!“. Each request is made through the internal process and subsequently met with 482 reasons why it can’t be done. Ironically, these are the same guys that really