DepositPhotos: Affordable Royalty-Free Stock Photos with Reverse Image Lookup!

We use a ton of royalty-free stock photos. From our sites, blog posts, whitepapers, as well as all of the content we produce for clients, our stock photo bill was hundreds of dollars a month. It seemed like as soon as I filled the account, it would be empty within a week or so. We paid some hefty prices with a well-known stock photo site. What is Royalty-Free Royalty-free, or RF images, allow limited usage

Tip: How to Find Similar Vector Images In Your Stock Photo Site With Google Image Search

Organizations often utilize vector files that are licensed and available through stock photo sites. The challenge comes when they want to update other collateral within an organization to match the styling and branding associated with previously released iconography or symbols. At times, this could be due to turnover as well… sometimes new designers or agency resources take over content and design efforts with an organization. This recently happened with us as we took over working

Crello: A Pay-As-You-Go Graphics Editor with Thousands of Beautiful Templates

We’re big fans of Depositphotos, an affordable stock photo, graphic, and video solution. It’s why we have them listed as a sponsor and continue to promote their service on our site and with our clients. Of course, we’re also an affiliate. The team behind Depositphotos has now launched Crello, a free visual editor that’s powered with millions of beautiful templates. Reminiscent of Canva (without the need to sign-up), Crello offers over 10,500 free images, including photos,

The New Business “Cards” Are Here!

When I posted about purchasing some new business cards, I received some great recommendations. Included were metal business cards and even a business card using Wordle. I decided to go in a completely opposite direction from my original cards. When folks hand me their business cards these days, I don’t have them for long – I get home and add them to Plaxo and LinkedIn and then I toss them – regardless of how beautiful