Zapier: Workflow Automation for Business

I never realized that I’d have to wait 6 years before we’d begin seeing applications that intelligently visualized application programming interfaces… but we’re finally getting there. Yahoo! Pipes launched in 2007 and had some connectors for manipulating and connecting systems, but it lacked integration with plethora of web services and APIs that were exploding across the web. Zapier is nailing it… enabling you to automate tasks between online services – currently 181! Zapier is for

Consumer New Media Usage Study Released

A headline this morning on a press release about the 2009 Cone Consumer New Media Study reads, “Four-out-of-Five New Media Users Interact with Companies and Brands Online, up 32% from 2008.” This isn’t so much shocking news as it is confirmation of what we marketers already logically believe. If you’re online, you probably want to interact with the brands you’re buying in some way. Mike Hollywood, Cone`s director of new media, is quoted in the