How to Leverage and Promote Infographics

Marketing infographics have been a source of great attention for Martech. So much so that I’ve set up Google Alerts for the term infographic and I review them throughout the day. Since infographics have become so popular, the content industry is being overwhelmed with bad infographics… so we’re pretty picky about what we share or don’t share to insure that we’re always providing value. Infographic Basics What is an infographic? 10 reasons infographics should be

I’m Right Behind You…

How would you modify your content if the person browsing your website were in a different country? A different state? A different city? Across the street? In your store? Would you speak to them differently? You should! Geotargeting has been around for quite a while now in the direct marketing industry. I worked with a database marketing company to work on a proprietary index that utilized drive time and distance to rank prospects and it

Deciding new Products, Services or Features

This week I received Tuned In from Pragmatic Marketing. I’m about a third of the way through the book right now and enjoying it. There are a lot of hands-on examples of how business hubris has lead them down the path of poor decisions because they weren’t ‘Tuned In’ to their prospects. By not figuring out what their prospects needed, the companies were launching products, services or features that were stinkers. With the advent of