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  • Artificial IntelligenceGoogle Bard - How Sales, Marketing, and Developers can Write Content and Code with AI

    Google Bard: A Powerful AI Tool for Marketers, Sales Professionals, and Developers… With One Heck Of A Roadmap!

    The other day, I was in a presentation for a large publishing company with whom I frequently write guest articles. One of the topics they covered was a new policy requiring the authors never to utilize artificial intelligence writing (AI) tools in developing their content. This ridiculous policy will surely fail their publication as a whole. While I agree that…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow to Choose and Invest in Marketing Technology (MarTech)

    How to Effectively Choose and Manage Your MarTech Investment

    The MarTech world has exploded. In 2011, there were only 150 martech solutions. Now there are over 9,932 solutions available to industry professionals. There are more solutions now than ever before, but companies face two main challenges regarding selection.  Investing in a new MarTech solution is completely off the table for many companies. They have already chosen a solution, and their…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingTypes of Digital Marketers

    30+ Areas Of Focus For Digital Marketers In 2023

    Just as the number of solutions in digital marketing continues to skyrocket in growth, so do the areas of focus of digital marketers. I’ve always been appreciative of the challenges our industry brings, and not a day goes by that I’m not researching and learning about new strategies, techniques, and technologies. I’m not sure that it’s possible to be a…

  • Analytics & Testing2014 digital trends infographic ektron

    How Are You Doing Compared to 400 Other Marketers?

    We’ve been having some incredible meetings with an enterprise company recently. They have all the challenges you can think of – a small team, enterprise structure, franchises, ecommerce… the works. Over time, they’ve evolved with their small team to a hodge-podge of technology that’s becoming more and more difficult to manage. Our job is to map out their strategy and…

  • Marketing ToolsPredictions for 2031 from 2006

    In the Next 25 Years, My Predictions

    It’s fun to think about the future and what it might bring. Here’s a collection of my predictions… Computer monitors will be flexible, light, wide, and inexpensive. Primarily made of plastics, the manufacturing processes will get cheaper and cheaper. The convergence of phones, television, and computing will be largely complete. Cars and airplanes will still run on gas. The United…

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