DialogTech: Call Attribution and Conversion Analytics

Before smartphones and mobile devices, when digital marketing was 100 percent desktop, attribution was simpler. A consumer clicked on a company’s ad or email, visited a landing page, and filled out a form to either become a lead or complete a purchase. Marketers could tie that lead or purchase to the correct marketing source and accurately measure return on spend for every campaign and channel. They simply needed to review all touches to determine the

Why Inbound Calls are Critical to Your Customer’s Journey

I have to admit that I’m terrible about calls and I absolutely know that I’m leaving money on the table with my business. My phone often rings throughout the day and the people don’t bother to leave a message, they just move on. My guess is that they simply don’t wish to work with an unresponsive company and that answering the phone is an indicator of that. The opposite is true – we’re very receptive

Leverage Call Tracking for Campaign Measurement

Research by Google reveals that 80% of customers who visit a website regardless of whether from a computer, smart phone or tablet, would prefer a phone call rather than an email or online form as the next course of action. Similarly, 65% of smartphone users access the internet on a daily basis and 94% of them do so to research a product or service, but only 28% eventually go on to make a purchase through