What Roles Are Needed in Today’s Digital Marketing Department?

For some of my clients, I manage all of the talent necessary for their digital marketing efforts. For others, they have a small staff and we augment the skills necessary. For others, they have an incredibly robust team internally and are just needing overall guidance and an external perspective to help them stay innovative and identify gaps. When I first launched my company, many leaders in the industry advised me to specialize and pursue a

What does a Digital Marketer Do?

Let’s just open by stating that I had this guy’s job below, heh. As a digital marketer, we’re rotating through all of our clients on a weekly basis, analyzing their performance, making adjustments, researching, planning and executing multi-channel campaigns. We’re utilizing tools much more than this infographic describes – from communication, to publishing, to development and analysis tools. IMO, most marketers work in the area they are most comfortable in. It’s not a coincidence that

24 Inbound Marketing Pro Tips for Ecommerce Content Marketing

The folks at ReferralCandy have done it again with this great compendium of inbound marketing advice for e-commerce content marketing in an infographic. I love this format they’ve put together… it’s a very cool checklist and a format that easily allows marketers to scan and pick up some great strategies as well as advice from some of the best industry professionals out there. Here are 24 Juicy Tips for Ecommerce Content Marketing from Inbound Marketing