Specle: Integrated Advertising System for Digital Publishing

Niche publications still continue to drive highly targeted content to distinct groups. While pay-per-click, affiliate and banner ad systems continue to dominate the market for their simple ordering process and low cost per lead, they also typically get a low click and conversion rate. Because they’re inexpensive, they can still reap incredible rewards and have a solid return on investment for marketers. Think about your own browsing and research behavior. As I look to my

LucidPress: Collaborative Online Print & Digital Publishing

Lucidpress beta is a web-based, drag-and-drop design app for print and digital publishing. The app allows anyone to easily create professional looking content for print or the web, and can be used in business or personal environments. Where desktop software lags behind the new realities of an evolved market, we see a clear future with web-based applications. With Lucidpress, our goal is to make it easy for anyone to create stunning content like a design

5 Must-See Digital Publishing Examples

We’ve been experimenting with our client, Zmags, for some clients and their viewer is too cool. I wanted to show some examples of, what I believe, are some incredible interactive digital applications! To open the viewer, just click on the screenshot of the viewer! Clients of Zmags Commerce Pro product are seeing phenomenal results, including a 5x increase in page views, 2x time spent on site, up to a 2x lift in conversion rates and

Verge Integrates Ecommerce and Digital Publishing

Our Ecommerce sponsor, Zmags, has released a new digital publishing viewer. Verge™ allows companies to convert their PDFs (and other content) into a viewer where they can overlay data, images, video, and even their ecommerce platform. The viewer can be deployed on desktop, mobile and tablet through a simple management platform. This is quite an advancement in digital publishing, allowing companies to build interactive and engaging experiences where they can sell directly. In the past,