Will Enterprise IoT Help Jumpstart the Retail Industry?

Lenders are backing off financing an already ailing retail industry. Bloomberg is even predicting the Retail Apocolypse may quickly be upon us. The retail industry is starving for innovation, and the Internet of Things just may provide the boost needed. In fact, 72% of retailers are currently engaged in Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) projects. Half of all retailers are already incorporating proximity technology in their marketing. What is EIoT? In today’s enterprises, an increasing

9 Ways To Streamline Your B2B Events with Event Tech

New In Your Martech Stack: Event Management Software Event planners and marketers have a lot to juggle. Finding great speakers, curating awesome content, selling sponsorships, and delivering an exceptional attendee experience encompass a small percentage of their day-to-day activities. Still, they’re activities that take up a large amount of time. That’s why organizers of B2B events are increasingly adding Event Tech to their Martech stack. At CadmiumCD, we’ve spent over 17 years creating and polishing

Customer Facing Devices and How You Can Market with Them

In modern day marketing, the CMO’s job is getting more and more challenging. Technologies are changing consumer behavior. For companies, it has become difficult to provide consistent brand experiences across retail locations and their digital properties. Customers’ experience between a brand’s online and physical presence varies widely. The future of retail lies in bridging this digital and physical divide. Customer Facing Devices create relevant and contextual Digital Interactions to elevate customer experience at physical locations.

5 Ways that Tablets are Changing the Retail Experience

This week I was shopping in the local CVS pharmacy and was pretty intrigued when I noticed a full, multimedia display with video and sound promoting one of the electric razors. The unit fit right on the shelf, didn’t take up much space, and had directional speakers. I suppose it won’t be too long before we see tablet stations at virtually every section of the store to provide additional insight into the products they’re promoting.

2008 NRA Tech Pavilion Highlighted with Digital Displays

This was my first year at the NRA Conference. Aside from getting more exercise than I have, by walking, the show wasn’t a huge technology fest. Perhaps the coolest technology there (aside from Patronpath) were digital displays, known as digital signage. Digital displays are large HDTV displays that display full media (video and graphics) and can adjust the messaging as needed. Within the food industry, there are some cool features – like connecting directly to