Accelerated Insights: Predictive Testing for Direct Mail

Before going digital, I worked in the newspaper and direct mail industries. While newspaper’s failed to adopt or adapt in time to maintain their control over advertising budgets, direct mail continues to still drive incredible results. In fact, I’d argue that many direct marketing campaigns with direct mail may get much more attention – breaking through the noise of digital. The fact is that, while I get hundreds of emails and banners hitting me every

Direct Mail that Works!

I’ve been meaning to write about this since before the New Year but I had to get the ‘ol scanner out to pull together these images of some direct mail I’ve received recently. The bottom line is that some direct mail still works. Here are 3 examples: Jack Hayhow sent me his book, The Wisdom of the Flying Pig. I think this is my actual first ‘gift’ as a blogger! I’ve got a couple books