Checklist: How to Create Content That Is Inclusive

As marketers focus on content that engages audiences, we often find ourselves ideating and designing campaigns with small groups of people similar to ourselves. While marketers are striving for personalization and engagement, being diverse in our messaging is overlooked far too often. And, by overlooking cultures, genders, sexual preferences, and disabilities… our messages meant to engage can actually marginalize people who aren’t like us. Inclusivity should be a priority in every marketing message. Unfortunately, the

How Are You Marketing Your Brand’s Sustainability and Diversity?

Earth Day was this week and we saw the typical run of social posts where companies promoted the environment. Unfortunately, for many companies – this only happens once a year and the other days they go back to business as usual. Last week, I completed a marketing workshop at a large company in the healthcare industry. One of the points that I made within the workshop was that their company needed to better market the