How To Keep Your Copyright Date Updated Programmatically On Your Website or Online Store

We’ve been hard at work developing a Shopify integration for a client that’s quite robust and complex… more to come on that when we publish it. With all the development we’re doing, I was embarrassed when I was testing their site to see the copyright notice in the footer was out of date… showing last year instead of this year. It was a simple oversight as we had coded a text input field to display

Don’t Spend a lot on Your Web Design

Many of my friends are web designers – and I hope they don’t get upset at this post. First, let me start by saying that great web design can have a significant impact on the type of clients you attract, the response rates of prospects clicking through, as well as the total revenue of your company. If you believe a great product or great content can overcome poor design, you’re mistaken. The return on investment