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  • Content MarketingVyond Animated Explainer Video Studio

    Vyond: Build Your Own Animated Videos With This Video Animation Studio

    I’ve helped several companies develop their video strategies over the years and animated video explainer videos are an amazing piece of content that can be used to concisely and thoroughly explain your products, services, and solutions, as well as differentiate your brand from your competitors. Explainer videos all follow a similar production and script sequence and are incredibly effective at…

  • Email Marketing & Automationinbox placement deliverability

    The Battle for the Inbox

    On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial email messages per month… that’s a lot of emails for the average person. More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other category… and it’s important to note that subscribers aren’t simply subscribing to your email – they’re also subscribing to your competitor. Ensuring your email is designed well…

  • Content MarketingSearch Engine Optimization SEO

    You Don’t Need an SEO Expert!

    There… I said it! I said it because I see all of the money spent on search engine optimization by small to mid-size businesses and I think it’s a racket. Here’s my view of the search engine optimization industry: The majority of Search Engine Optimization falls within writing great content, attracting authoritative backlinks to that content and following a few…

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