Conga Contract Lifecycle Management: Improve Sales Efficiency With Document Workflow Automation

Conducting business that feels frictionless to the customer in the face of a market increasing in complexity is no easy feat. Conga’s expertise and comprehensive solution suite for commercial operations – the processes around Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Digital Documents – helps businesses tackle complexity with confidence so they can provide frictionless customer experience and accelerate revenue. With Conga, businesses move faster to meet customer needs today while increasing agility

Templafy: Governance and Productivity Across Documents, Presentations and Emails

As you look within your organization to find opportunities, they’re often in the hand-off of information. From marketing to sales, sales to clients, clients back to sales, and then sales back to marketing. In a digital world, all of this data copying, editing, and pasting is absolutely unnecessary. Templates can be developed for every process and every team to ensure compliance, brand consistency, and the highest quality documents are distributed. Templafy is used by brands

ContentVerse: Document Management and Workflow Automation

Much of the corporate world is still using and deploying their content via Microsoft Office platforms. If you want to maintain version control of your documents and automate workflows, it’s nearly impossible without a good workflow automation tool and a document repository to maintain versioning while collaborating. Marketing agencies – especially with content marketing strategies – produce a ton of this content in traditional desktop applications. And operating system searches aren’t always the easiest way