Google Announces $1B Revenue Share Program with YOU!

It’s not true, just link bait. Metacafe, a search and ranking system for videos, just surpassed $1,000,000 in shared revenue with its content creators. Mike reports that Revver also hit the $1,000,000 in shared revenue this year as well. I’ve been critical of Google’s attack on content providers who solicit payment for link placement. Michael Graywolf has as well… he’s also taking major websites to task for caving to the Google Powers-That-Be. Google claims that

What’s rel=”nofollow”?

By default, whenever anyone comments on your blog WordPress will add rel=”nofollow” in the link. I didn’t realize this was something that WordPress actually did… but I was curious why anyone would utilize it. Google actually utilizes rel=”nofollow” to simply ignore a link when calculating a website’s Pagerank. The theory behind automatically adding this information in blogging content engines was that it would dissuade comment spammers from clogging up blogs. The problem is that comment