How To Search For And Buy A Domain Name

If you’re trying to find a domain name for personal branding, your business, your products, or your services, Namecheap offers a great search for finding one: Find a domain starting at $0.88 powered by Namecheap 6 Tips On Choosing And Buying A Domain Name Here are my personal opinions on choosing a domain name: The shorter the better – the shorter your domain, the more memorable it is and easier to type so try to

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

It is fascinating to think back when I used to buy domain names all the time (I even sold one once!) and how I determined what I was going to buy. We just started up a new business CircuPress and never even named the company until we were sure that we could buy the domain name for it! I guess the times they are a changing. When it comes to selecting a domain name, striking

My Blogging Checklist…

Last week I had coffee with Brandon McGee, a VP with Huntington bank that specializes in Mobile Banking. Brandon’s blog has some great search engine ranking – thanks to his concentrated content as well as the tight niche he’s blogging about. We chatted about his blog and even talked mobile for a while, he’s provided me with some cool insight as to where the industry is going and it’s quite exciting. Here’s a synopsis of

What’s in it? Where is it? How? Web Marketing Strategies

When you’re going to open a store, you decide where to put the store, what to put in the store, and how do you get people to it. Opening a website, regardless of whether or not it’s a retail establishment, requires similar strategies: What’s going to be in your website? Where will your website be? How can people find it? How will you keep them? What’s going to be on your Website? Believe it or