Quite Possibly The Worst Domain Registrar Ever

This morning we get a frantic call from a client. We worked with them to develop a new site a while back, but everything was offline now. A DNS issue of some sort. Their IT guy called us to see if we had changed anything. We hadn’t but always hate to hear of these problems and wanted to help them troubleshoot the issue. Sometimes it’s something as simple as having an old credit card on

The Business of Boobs

I watched a news show the other day that GoDaddy is going to be advertising some more controversial Superbowl commercials. The GoDaddy marketing team is really pushing the limit this year, getting additional attention by submitting a bunch of commercials that have been denied for viewing for this superbowl. GoDaddy is openly advertising the controversy as their Quest for Super Bowl XL. You’ll find a great timeline of the commercials that were denied viewing on