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  • Martech Zone AppsWhois Lookup Tool

    App: WHOIS Lookup

    If you’ve ever registered a domain, your domain registrar must publish a registration record publicly. A WHOIS lookup is a tool that enables people to look up domain name registration information. This tool is essential to review domain ownership specifics, as it offers contact details, domain registration, and expiry dates. Enter Your Domain: WHOIS Lookup Privacy Protection in Domain Registration…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHeld Hostage By Marketing or Advertising Agency

    How To Avoid Getting Held Hostage by Marketing and Advertising Agencies

    Starting my agency was an eye-opener into how business is done… and it’s often not very pretty. I don’t want this post to be an agency-bashing post since I empathize with many agencies and the difficult decisions they have to make. When I started, I was idealistic that I didn’t want to be that agency – one of those agencies…

  • Marketing ToolsURL Shortening Platforms - Features and Benefits

    URL Shorteners: How They Work And Why Marketers Should Use Them

    URL shorteners are web services that transform long Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) into shorter, more manageable versions. They work by generating a unique, shortened URL that, when clicked or entered into a web browser, redirects the user to the original, longer URL. If you wish to do a great job with attribution and a better understanding of your marketing efforts,…

  • Search MarketingSeobility SEO Checker

    Seobility: Analyze Your Web Page’s Search Engine Optimization With This Simple SEO Checker

    As someone who works to assist our clients with their search engine optimization (SEO) as well as runs a marketing technology publication, you can only imagine how many organic search engine platforms that I’ve experimented with and purchased subscriptions for over the years. In all honesty, I’m growing quite frustrated with the bells and whistles that every SEO platform continues…

  • Content Marketing
    How To Speed Up WordPress

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    We’ve written, to a great extent, about the impact of speed on your users’ behavior. And, of course, if there’s an impact on user behavior, there’s an impact on search engine optimization. Most people don’t realize the number of factors involved in the simple process of typing in a web page and having that page load for you. Conversely, if…

  • Content MarketingHow To Find And Buy A Domain Name

    How To Search For And Buy A Domain Name

    If you’re trying to find a domain name for personal branding, your business, your products, or your services, Namecheap offers a great search for finding one: Find a domain starting at $0.88 powered by Namecheap 6 Tips On Choosing And Buying A Domain Name Here are my personal opinions on choosing a domain name: The shorter the better – the…

  • Content Marketing
    Owning your domain, authority, and content

    Owning Your Domain!

    Companies often write content on other domains due to the popularity and reach of these external publications or social media platforms. This strategy can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility, tapping into the established audience of these platforms. And, of course, it can also considerably improve the other domain’s visibility and drive rank and authority to their brand. An example I…

  • Analytics & TestingZyro Online Site or Store Builder

    Zyro: Easily Build Your Site Or Online Store With This Affordable Platform

    The availability of affordable marketing platforms continues to impress, and content management systems (CMS) are no different. I’ve worked in a number of proprietary, open-source, and paid CMS platforms over the years… some incredible and some quite difficult. Until I learn what a clients’ goals, resources, and processes are, I don’t make a recommendation on which platform to utilize. If…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Search Console Hacked

    How A Rogue, Hacked Subdomain Got My Primary Domain In Trouble with Google!

    When a new service hits the market that I want to test out, I typically sign up and give it a test run. For many platforms, part of the onboarding is to point a subdomain to their server so you can run the platform on your subdomain. Over the years, I’ve added dozens of subdomains that pointed to different services.…

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