Donald Miller

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  • Content MarketingHow to Sales Funnel

    How To Setup A Simple 5-Step Online Sales Funnel

    Within the last few months, many businesses shifted to online marketing because of COVID-19. This left many organizations and small businesses scrambling to come up with effective digital marketing strategies, especially those companies that relied predominantly on sales through their brick-and-mortar stores.  While restaurants, retail stores, and so many others are starting to open again, the lesson learned over the…

  • Marketing BooksBuilding a Story Brand

    Building a Storybrand: The 7 Prospect Desires Your Business Depends On

    Aproximately a month ago, I got to participate in a marketing ideation meeting for a client. It was fantastic, working with a consultancy known for developing roadmaps for high tech companies. As the roadmaps were developed, I was impressed with the unique and differentiated paths the team came up with. However, I was also a determined to keep the team…

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