How I Damaged My Reputation With Social Media… And What You Should Learn From It

Reading Time: 7 minutes If I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I’m fairly confident that you’d find me personable, humorous, and compassionate. If I’ve never met you in person, though, I fear what you might think of me based on my social media presence. I’m a passionate person. I’m passionate about my work, my family, my friends, my faith, and my politics. I absolutely love dialogue on any of those topics… so when social media

Four Common Characteristics With Companies Who Transformed Their Digital Marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently had the pleasure to join the CRMradio podcast with Paul Peterson from Goldmine, discussing how companies, both small and large, are leveraging digital marketing. You can listen to it here: Be sure to subscribe and listen to CRM Radio, they’ve got some amazing guests and informative interviews! Paul was a great host and we walked through quite a few questions, including overall trends I’m seeing, challenges for SMB businesses, mindsets that block

A Note from the Road

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last year has been an amazing year for me and my business. The refocus and attention to my customers has been fruitful and I’m so thankful for the incredible clients I have! The challenge I’ve had his balancing work (which I love) with health (which I’ve ignored). Over the last year, injuries coupled with bad habits have pushed my wasteband to its maximum and have painfully immobilized me. It was time to unplug and

The New New Thing Podcast: With Guest Douglas Karr

Reading Time: < 1 minute In Indianapolis, there’s quite a movement in the marketing technology space with the growing number of investments of HighAlpha – which was born out of ExactTarget. We’ve shared about one of those companies, Quantifi, and interviewed CEO R.J. Talyor on our Martech Interview series. This week, podcast professional Liz Prugh of Pure Fandom fame and R.J. decided to interview me for their podcast, The New New Thing! The mission of The New New Thing: Our

Over 100 Authors Share Their Knowledge in the Better Business Book

Reading Time: 2 minutes What if you could speak to 100 business people and have them share their biggest nugget of advice? This was the thought behind the the Better Business Book, a project developed by Tyler and the team at the Self-Publishing System. A Sampling of the Better Business Book All Your Excuses Debunked: Two Case Studies That Prove You Don’t Need Any Experience, Money or Help to Start a Successful Business – pg. 9 You Only Need