I Bought A New Drone for Clients… and It’s Amazing

A few years ago, I was advising a large roofing contractor on their online presence. We rebuilt and optimized their site, initiated an ongoing drip campaign to capture reviews, and began publishing their projects online. One thing that was missing, though, were before and after photos of the properties. With a login to their quote and project management system, I was able to see what properties were closing and when projects were being finished. After

Is Drone Delivery Going to Take Off Soon?

Testing the latest technologies is the fun part of my work. I often purchase technology just to give it a test and ensure that I’m keeping up. Months ago, I purchased a DJI Mavic Air, and tested it with a few clients. I’m not a gamer, so I’m pretty rusty behind a controller. After testing it on a few flights, I was amazed at how these devices practically fly themselves. The drone takes off and

Unmanned Marketing Drones

Last Friday, I had a great debate with a friend of mine, Bill Hammer. His position was that having a huge military budget did nothing but bury the economy. I countered that the military, in many ways, is the equivalent of the government investing funds in the development of new technologies and mass production. I would add that, in the business of ‘kill or be killed’, the stakes are no higher when it comes to