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    What Does “Context Marketing” Really Mean?

    As someone who’s made a career out of content, communication, and storytelling, I have a special place in my heart for the role of “context.” What we communicate—whether in business or in our personal lives—becomes relevant to our audience only when they understand the context of the message. Without context, meaning is lost. Without context, audiences get confused about why…

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    Tracking Content Marketing ROI for Dummies

    The folks at Uberflip have taken a comprehensive how-to on calculating your content marketing return on investment, and put it into this uber cool infographic. The popularity of content marketing is undeniable. According to the Content Marketing Institute, over 90% of brands are already investing in eBooks, videos, social media, blogging, and other channels. However, only less than half of…

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    Corporate Blogging for Dummies is Here!

    We could not be more excited! This week, the first copies of Corporate Blogging for Dummies were shipped to us. I can’t tell you the feeling of pride in opening the box and seeing our names in print on the front cover. Corporate Blogging for Dummies is over 400 pages of incredible information – not a stone was left unturned…

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    Corporate Blogging for Dummies: An Interview with Chantelle Flannery

    This is the second video, with Chantelle Flannery, in our author videos produced for the release of Corporate Blogging for Dummies. Earlier today, we published the first video, with Douglas Karr. Our goals of the videos and their incorporation to the Corporate Blogging Tips site were to: Promote the release of the book, Corporate Blogging For Dummies. Promote the site…

  • Content MarketingCorporate Blogging Videos with Chantelle Flannery and Douglas Karr

    Corporate Blogging for Dummies: An Interview with Chantelle Flannery and Douglas Karr

    Rocky Walls and Zach Downs from Twelve Stars Media came down to our office and shot videos of Chantelle and me for a couple of videos we wanted to put on the site. This was a fantastic session. None of the content was scripted or rehearsed. We reviewed our goals before the shoot: Promote the release of the book Corporate…

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