How to Prevent Fraud in Your Next Online Contest

We’re going to be launching the first of many contests soon to attract more visitors to our email newsletters. While we have extensive development resources, there’s no way we’re going to be developing the contest ourselves. We’re going to utilize Hellowave, a contest provider online. Why? The primary reason: Fraud I’ll be honest and totally admit that I’ve cheated in an online contest. Years ago, we had a regional social media contest to find the

What are the Most Popular Prizes for Your Promotion Giveaways?

We’ve been wanting to design some promotions for a while now, and while the options and tools are plentiful, I’m surprised that there’s not more cookie-cutter templates out there that have a proven track record. This survey from Easypromos does help us plan in the right direction, though! Easypromos released results from their Digital Promotions Prize Survey which sheds light on the role of prizes in converting visitors to participants in a promotion such as