StoreConnect: A Salesforce-Native eCommerce Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

While e-commerce has always been the future, it is now more important than ever. The world has changed into a place of uncertainty, caution, and social distance, emphasizing many advantages of eCommerce for both businesses and consumers. Global e-commerce has been growing every year since its inception. Because online purchasing is easier and more convenient than shopping at a real store. Examples of how eCommerce is reshaping and upending the sector include Amazon and Flipkart. 

Back to the Sizzle: How E-Commerce Marketers Can Use Creative To Maximize Returns

Apple’s privacy updates have fundamentally changed how e-commerce marketers do their jobs. In the months since the update was released, only a small percentage of iOS users have opted into ad tracking. According to the latest June update, some 26% of global app users allowed apps to track them on Apple devices. This figure was much lower in the US at just 16%. BusinessOfApps Without explicit consent to track user activity across digital spaces, many

Sellfy: Build Your Ecommerce Business Selling Products or Subscriptions In Minutes

Sellfy is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution for creators looking to sell digital and physical products as well as subscriptions and print-on-demand – all from one storefront. Whether it’s eBooks, music, videos, courses, merchandise, home decor, graphics, or any other type of business. Start easily – Create a store in a couple of clicks. Sign up, add your products, customize your store and you’re live. Grow big – Use built-in marketing features to grow your sales and business.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Launching Your Ecommerce Website

Thinking about launching an ecommerce website? Here are five things that you need to consider before launching your ecommerce website:  1. Have The Right Products Finding the right product for an ecommerce business is easier said than done. Assuming that you have narrowed down the audience segment, you want to sell to, the next question of what to sell arises. There are several things that you need to check for when deciding upon a product. You need to

Moosend: All The Marketing Automation Features To Build, Test, Track, and Grow Your Business

One exciting aspect of my industry is the continued innovation and dramatic drop in cost for highly sophisticated marketing automation platforms. Where businesses once spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (and still do) for great platforms… now the costs have dropped significantly while the featuresets continue to improve. We were recently working with an enterprise fashion fulfillment company that was ready to sign a contract for a platform that would cost them over half-a-million dollars