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  • Analytics & TestingMicrosoft Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

    Microsoft Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

    As we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for a fashion customer, we wanted to ensure that we designed an elegant and simple e-commerce site that didn’t confuse or overwhelm their customers. One example of our design testing was a more information block that had additional details about the products. If we published the section in the default region,…

  • Ecommerce and Retailbest comparison shopping engines

    What is the Best Comparison Shopping Engine?

    Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) are a valuable tool online because they help shoppers make informed decisions and refer enormous sales to their online stores. They’re also a critical tool for e-commerce stores, which can optimize prices and product listings to attract more buyers than their competitors. How Do E-commerce Marketers Use CSEs? Ecommerce marketers can strategically utilize CSEs to optimize…

  • Analytics & TestingZyro Online Site or Store Builder

    Zyro: Easily Build Your Site Or Online Store With This Affordable Platform

    The availability of affordable marketing platforms continues to impress, and content management systems (CMS) are no different. I’ve worked in a number of proprietary, open-source, and paid CMS platforms over the years… some incredible and some quite difficult. Until I learn what a clients’ goals, resources, and processes are, I don’t make a recommendation on which platform to utilize. If…

  • Content Marketing
    Slow Website Speed Hurting Business

    How Your Slow Website Is Hurting Your Business

    Years ago, we had to migrate our site to a new host after our current host just started getting slower and slower. No one wants to shift hosting companies… especially someone that’s hosting multiple websites. Migration can be quite a painful process. Aside from the speed boost, Flywheel offered free migration so it was a win-win. I didn’t have a…

  • Ecommerce and Retail14 ecommerce strategies

    14 Strategies for Increasing Revenue on Your E-commerce Site

    This morning we shared 7 strategies for increasing customer spending in your retail location. There are techniques that you should be deploying on your e-commerce site as well! Dan Wang shared an article on actions you can take to increase the value of your shopper’s carts at Shopify and ReferralCandy has illustrated those actions in this infographic. 14 Strategies for…

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