Squarespace: I Built A Spa Website with an Online Store and Appointment Setting in One Day

Reading Time: 5 minutes If that sounds unbelievable, it’s not. My girlfriend is an aesthetician and massage therapist in Fishers, Indiana. I was going to build her a site a few months ago, but couldn’t because of client work that took priority. Fast forward to the shut down and a lot of that work went by the wayside while my clients paused initiatives or changed priorities to deal with revenue losses. If I were to build a site in

Pinegrow: A Stunning Desktop Editor with WordPress Integration

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful code editor on the market than Pinegrow. The editor provides edit-in-place functionality along with real-time responsive previews. Best of all, Pinegrow doesn’t add any frameworks, layouts or styles to your code. Some key features of Pinegrow: Editing – Add, edit, move, clone or delete HTML elements. Live Editing – Edit and test your page at the same time – even with dynamic JavaScript. Framework –

Add Edit-In-Place to any Content Management System

Reading Time: 2 minutes In 2006 I was pushing for developers to adopt edit-in-place technologies… and they didn’t. Six years later and I’m still scratching my head that no one has developed a great content management system utilizing edit-in-place technologies. It appears that Copybar is solving the edit-in-place conundrum for everyone by building a universally integrated service. Copybar utilizes the APIs offered by many content management systems and provides you a simple means to edit your site in place,

Create a Free, Beautiful Website in Minutes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Installing and configuring content management systems, finding an agency you can trust, and getting a unique yet affordable design can be a huge challenge for a small business. If your company doesn’t have the resources or the patience to build out a professional site… IM Creator may be the perfect option for your small business. Your site is up in 3 simple steps: Choose a design: All templates are wisely-structured and come with compelling and

2007 Please Bring on the new Editors

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of my predictions for 2007 is a new editor for the web with ‘edit in place’ functionality. I love the idea of edit in place… rather than logging in through a totally separate administration, a user can simply start typing and build their HTML the way that they wish to. Here are some comprehensive blog entries on Edit in Place from Joseph Scott. If you’re not a programmer and you’re wondering what I’m talking