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  • Marketing BooksHow to write a book. Why to write a book.

    How and Why To Write a Book

    It’s been years since I wrote my first book, and I’ve been anxious to write another one ever since. While we live in the digital era, you may be surprised that books continue to draw much attention and sales – especially business books. Approximately 80.64 million business and economics category print books were sold in 2021 representing 25% of adult non-fiction…

  • Marketing & Sales VideosShuffll AI-Driven Video Marketing Assistant

    Shuffll: An AI-Driven Co-Pilot for Producing Your Marketing Videos

    If you’ve been reading my articles on artificial intelligence, you’ve likely seen my excitement and optimism at deploying AI in everything we do in marketing. At this point in our industry, I don’t believe AI is a replacement for humans, especially generative AI (genAI). GenAI is basically a language prediction model, not necessarily creative or factual. GenAI generates text based…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingHow to Optimize Your Social Media Posts

    The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Social Media Posts for Better Business Results

    Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful strategy for businesses aiming to expand their reach, engage with their audience, and drive tangible results. Whether building brand awareness, nurturing a community, enhancing customer loyalty, or driving sales, each aspect of your social media strategy plays a crucial role. From crafting compelling headlines to leveraging platform-specific strategies, this comprehensive guide delves into…

  • Content MarketingTutorial Video Success Tips and Script

    How To Plan, Write, Edit, and Publish A Successful Tutorial Video

    A successful tutorial video involves engaging content, clear instructions, and high-quality production. Here’s an article that outlines the standard ingredients and script sections for creating a compelling tutorial video. Tutorial videos stand out as a go-to resource for knowledge seekers. With the rise in online education and DIY culture, creating a compelling tutorial video can be a lucrative skill. A…

  • Artificial IntelligenceReword: Collaborative AI Writing Tool to Generate Content

    Reword: How To Collaborate With AI Writing Tools To Win Search And Drive Business

    I purchased research and content from writers for years to assist me and our clients. Since generative artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved, I’ll be honest that I’ve shifted that entire budget to AI writing tools. Here’s a typical scenario for how we research and generate content using AI: Research: We utilize SEO platforms like Semrush to identify gaps in our…

  • Content Marketing
    cinefy promo1

    Cinefy Professional iPhone Video Editing

    One area of content marketing we’re looking to increase is our use of video. I’ve been observing how other bloggers have utilized video but I guess I’m a bit of a snob… I just want something better. We’re all walking around with HD cameras and tools are easy to use, so why would I smash together some crappy video talk…

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