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  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingWhy People Follow Brands on Social Media

    What Makes Consumers Want to Follow a Brand on Social Media in 2024?

    Social media has become more than a platform for social interaction; it’s become a dynamic hub for brands to engage with prospects and customers. The reason behind this transformation is deeply rooted in the behavior and preferences of consumers. Understanding why individuals follow brands on social media can offer valuable insights into crafting strategies that resonate with target audiences. The…

  • Content MarketingTutorial Video Success Tips and Script

    How To Plan, Write, Edit, and Publish A Successful Tutorial Video

    A successful tutorial video involves engaging content, clear instructions, and high-quality production. Here’s an article that outlines the standard ingredients and script sections for creating a compelling tutorial video. Tutorial videos stand out as a go-to resource for knowledge seekers. With the rise in online education and DIY culture, creating a compelling tutorial video can be a lucrative skill. A…

  • Content MarketingHow to come up with content ideas for new clients

    How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

    Creating content ideas for a new client is a critical process that can significantly impact the success of marketing campaigns. Here’s a structured approach to conceptualizing and strategizing content for a new client. A blank page can be an intimidating thing, especially when you are just getting started with a content project for a new client. But coming up with…

  • Content Marketinghow b2b sales has changed

    How B2B Sales Has Changed

    This infographic from Maximize Social Media beautifully lays out the advantage of inbound marketing as part of your overall sales process. It’s unfortunate, though, that they choose to pit one strategy against the other rather than providing how most B2B companies are combining the two strategies. By combining an inbound and outbound approach to B2B sales, you can capture and…

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