How Presidential Candidates Are Using Email Marketing

A couple of elections ago, I made the mistake of posting some political articles on this blog. I jabbed a hornet’s nest and heard about it for months after. This isn’t a political blog, it’s a marketing blog, so I’ll keep my comments to myself. You can follow me on Facebook to see the fireworks. That said, marketing is the foundation for absolutely every campaign. In this campaign we see Donald Trump wagging the traditional

2012 US Election Content Marketing Strategies

Now that it appears the frontrunners are clear (my Libertarian son would disagree), it looks like both camps are settling in and the online strategies have commenced! The Whitehouse website itself has been transformed into one giant landing page for capturing email addresses, requiring the visitor to click through to get to any information: The Whitehouse has also been regularly releasing infographics… on the National Debt, gasoline prices, and even troop levels in Iraq. I’m

The Hazards of Herds and Tribes

There are a couple books that I’ve read that had quite an impact on how I felt about the Internet and with marketing as a whole. One of the books was Mark Earl’s Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature and the other was Godin’s Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. Much of the talk of herds and tribes is very positive… the leaders discussed (like in Godin’s TED video)

Is Obama the Next Vista?

It’s the night before the 2008 election and I’m still not enthusiastic about tomorrow’s choices. I can’t help but wondering if Barack Obama is simply a redo of Vista: Huge marketing budget. Hyped for change. Promises of greater stability. Improved security. Complete compatibility. A little more expensive. The media and pundits are calling it a win for Obama already. In a few months, I wonder if America will be wishing for a downgrade, or even

Blogging is not Enough, “Press the Flesh”!

This is a phrase I’m growing tired of – quickly – during this presidential candidacy. I’m not sure who penned the original term but I’ve seen it used widely this season. Most recently, the governor of West Virginia used the term to discuss why Barack Obama lost West Virginia in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. He’s trying to defend the opposition view that West Virginia still has race issues and Obama lost it simply because