Integrately: How To Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud With WordPress Using Elementor Forms

As Salesforce consultants, a problem that we continuously see in our space is the development and upkeep costs of integrating third-party sites and applications with Marketing Cloud. While Highbridge does a lot of development on behalf of our clients, we will always research whether or not there is a solution available on the market first. The benefits of a productized integration are three-fold: Rapid deployment – enables you to get your integration up faster than

Elementor Cloud Website: Build Your Elementor WordPress Site On This Fully Supported Dedicated Hosting

For the last few months, I’ve been assisting a client in optimizing their website built on WordPress and utilizing the Elementor Builder… which I believe is the best you can find. It’s listed as one of my recommended WordPress plugins. At one time, the Elementor Builder was a great add-on to any theme. Now, the builder has gotten so robust that you can build any design from the theme because it has such an extensive

How To Combine Posts and Custom Post Types In WordPress Queries and RSS Feed

One of the most amazing features of WordPress is the ability to build Custom Post Types. This flexibility is fantastic… as custom post types can be utilized for a business to organize other types of posts like events, locations, FAQs, portfolio items easily. You can build custom taxonomies, additional metadata fields, and even custom templates to display them. On our site at Highbridge, we have a custom post type set up for projects in addition

How To Track Elementor Form Submissions in Google Analytics Events using JQuery

I’ve been working on a client WordPress site for the last few weeks that has quite a few complexities. They are using WordPress with an integration to ActiveCampaign for nurturing leads and a Zapier integration to Zendesk Sell via Elementor Forms. It’s a great system… kicking off drip campaigns to people who request information and pushing a lead to the appropriate sales representative when requested. I’m really impressed with Elementor’s form flexibility and look and

WordPress Plugin: Open A Video In A Lightbox with Elementor

We’ve adopted a website with a client that was built with Elementor, a fantastic drag and drop editing plugin for WordPress that transforms how easy it is to build complex, beautiful layouts that are responsive… without programming or the need to understand shortcodes. Elementor does have some limitations, one of which I ran into working on a client site. They simply wanted a button that opened a video in a Lightbox… something that Elementor doesn’t