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  • Email Marketing & AutomationSmall business email marketing platform from iContact

    iContact: The Easiest Email Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

    Email marketing is vital for small businesses looking to connect with their audience effectively. iContact is a go-to solution email service provider (ESP) for small businesses, offering many features to simplify their email marketing efforts and drive results. Let’s explore why over 35,000 businesses love iContact and why you should consider it for your marketing needs. iContact is all about…

  • Analytics & Testing
    How to choose an email service provider (ESP)

    How to Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP)

    This week, I met with a company that was considering leaving its email service provider (ESP) and building its email system internally. I would have said no if you asked me a decade ago if that were a good idea. However, times have changed, and the technology of ESPs is pretty easy to implement if you know what you’re doing.…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationSparkpost Email User Interface

    Sparkpost: An Email Delivery Service for Your App or Site

    One of the afterthoughts of building a website or mobile application is often emails. Developers often just use platform email functions to send simple textual email messages. If they’re sophisticated, they may even build a little HTML template to call and send emails with. The limitations of this are plenty – like the ability to report and measure opens, clicks,…

  • Email Marketing & Automation
    email automation

    Mailflow: Add Autoresponders and Automate Email Sequences

    One of the companies had a platform where the customers’ retention was directly tied to their use of the platform. Simply put, the clients that used it had great success. The clients that struggled left. That’s not uncommon with any product or service. As a result, we developed an onboarding series of emails that both educated and nagged the customer…

  • Email Marketing & Automationtriggered email infographic

    The Advantages of Triggered Emails

    Emails are typically utilized for push marketing and are a one-to-many message. Within the industry, this is fondly known as batch and blast. The timing is up to the sender. Triggered email differs, combining a custom template and user data to send an email message when a specific event occurs. The event triggers the email. Triggered emails are sent directly…

  • Email Marketing & Automationmandrill preview ios

    Mandrill: An Email Platform for Your Application

    Integration is becoming such an important factor in the sales and marketing process that the average email program simply isn’t enough. Folks like Right On Interactive have taken their marketing automation system and built their own email platform directly into it so you need not purchase or integrate and ESP. It’s not difficult to actually do. When he was frustrated…

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