How to Implement Email Accessibility For Assistive Technologies

There’s a constant pressure for marketers to deploy and optimize the latest technologies and many struggle to keep up. The message I hear over and over again from every company that I consult with is that they’re behind. I assure them that, while they may be, so is everyone else. Technology is advancing at a relentless pace that’s almost impossible to keep up with. Assistive Technology That said, much of the Internet’s technologies were built

What Elements Should You Be Testing in Your Email Campaigns?

Using our inbox placement from 250ok, we did a test a couple months ago where we reworded our newsletter subject lines. The result was incredible – our inbox placement increased over 20% across the seed list that we created. The fact is that email testing is well worth the investment – as are the tools to help you get there. Imagine you are the lab in charge and you plan to test a lot of